Our Gaskets

Our gaskets are always manufactured to OEM quality or better. This means your replacement gasket will meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s gasket. Our manufacturing facility is in the USA and all of our material comes from the USA.

Our gaskets are typically measured and accurate to 1/8″ outside edge to outside edge. Our team will come to your site and verify which gaskets you need and make sure the new gaskets fit perfect. We also offer the option for you to install them yourself if you have a maintenance department or enjoy doing your own repairs. Please keep in mind many times your door not only will require a gasket but also hinge or closer adjustment which can be tricky, so if in doubt, have us replace your gaskets and rest easy. (Like the tires on your car, when a tire wears out and you replace them its also important to get your tires aligned and balanced so the new tires wear evenly. With gaskets sometimes replacing the new gasket you find your door needs adjusted so that it seals properly and evenly)

We also offer ultra durable gaskets for applications where you have very heavy use on the refrigeration door or where there is significant grease. These gaskets are often found on busy cook lines and on drawer refrigeration units under grills (Chef bases, etc). Typically these ultra durable gaskets last 2 – 3x longer than standard gaskets. Contact us to find out more!


Summer Special – FREE Site Inspection of your Gaskets including minor cleaning and door adjustments!

Not Sure Which Gasket You Need?