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Gasket Replacement

We are the original and still the most professional commercial gasket experts out there. We provide OEM quality or better refrigeration door gaskets at a fraction of the OEM prices.

Our expert team of technicians in South Florida can review your current gasket issues and provide long term solutions. We make sure your door seals properly. When you buy your gaskets from Gasket Guy of South Florida we stand behind our products and make sure we leave your equipment in better condition than when we arrived.

Oven and Warmer Gaskets

It may slip your mind, but your ovens and warmers often have gaskets. These gaskets are made to keep the hot air in the equipment so your not heating up your already hot kitchen! We can review and replace your oven gaskets when they are worn, cracked, or torn. Silicone gaskets and Santoprene gaskets are often used for these applications.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are critical to many restaurants. Prep tables, sandwich make tables, and pizza prep tables often have cutting boards on them. As you use these over time they develop bends, cracks or deep grooves. These grooves can allow harmful bacteria to accumulate and many health inspectors will count off for old or worn cutting boards.

We are able to provide OEM quality cutting boards made to the exact size of your old cutting boards. Our experienced team of installers will not only guarantee the cutting board will fit, we will install them for you! We can make custom sizes and provide hi-temp cutting boards. Many times our customers will show us how they are running the business and we can show them how a custom cutting board can help.

Preventative Maintenance

Want to stay ahead of the game and not get caught off guard on those inspections or just make sure your not loosing valuable cooling BTU’s? Then just let us know and we’ll add you to our list to receive scheduled quarterly or bi-monthly surveys. No obligations, we’ll come by on a schedule that works for you and give you a full report of any issues we find.

Strip Curtains

Saving money on your electric bill goes right to the bottom line!  Our strip curtains are PROVEN to save you significant dollars.  When someone goes in and out of your Walk-in Cooler or Walk-in Freezer hot air rushes in and cold air rushes out.  When your employees prop the door open you are spending massive amounts of money as the cold air just rushes out.

Our Vinyl strip curtains are NSF and food grade approved.  They hang down from the door keeping your cold air in the walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer.  We will custom install these strip curtains to fit your cooler or freezer


We are experts in all the hardware on your walk-in cooler and walk-in freezers doors. From self closing hinges to top mounted door closers and door sweeps, our team at Gasket Guy of South Florida has you covered. We are capable of also providing complete replacement doors.

Door closing issues?  It may be more than just the gasket.  The hinges on your refrigeration unit are critical to your door closing correctly.

Gasket Guy of South Florida can work on all restaurant refrigeration units. Walk-in coolers and Walk-in freezers are a major source of energy consumption. You also may have thousands of dollars of food in them. We can can adjust, align, and if necessary replace your hinges.  True, Continental, Artic Air, Silver King, and more.  We can prove OEM quality hardware to make sure your doors are keeping the cold air in!


FREE Site Inspection of your Gaskets including minor cleaning and door adjustments!

What Customers are saying:

I have been in the food service industry for over 20 years and the service Gasket Guy provides is unlike any company i have ever used…Their attention to detail and the pride they show in their work is wonderful…their product is less expensive and lasts longer than other products in the marketplace.

Al, Managing Partner, Bravo Cucina Italiana

What a good idea you had. I never heard of anyone else doing this. I was impressed with your prices and the quick service. I used to have a refrigeration company replace my gaskets, but it would take three or four weeks for them to get around to it.

R.J., General Manager, Ponderosa Steakhouse